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Saturday, August 18, 2012


We are all together again, the whole Pierce family! I was certainly tired of being a single mama and I really missed being with my sweet husband. I like me best when I'm with him. He had some drama getting here, though, that's for sure! He left on Wednesday and upon departing, our cat, Jasper, would not come with him. It has been very difficult on Anna. It was because of her sincere prayers for a cat that he was brought to us by Santa Claus. Then his moving truck wasn't working very well...on steep inclines it would top out at 25 miles per hour...on declines it would too out at it was slow going to OH. Plus the a/c didn't work The second day it had trouble starting. The morning of the third day it took over 30 minutes to turn on after gassing up. 80 miles from Dayton, the engine died. A tow truck was sent out to tow the moving truck to Dayton. I went to bed at 11:30pm last night and Tyler arrived an hour later. Then he kissed me goodbye at 7:30am as he went to the storage unit to unload the truck with men from the Elder's Quorum. I said men, but it was only one man. God bless you, Sean H, for helping Tyler unload the entire moving truck which filled a 20x20 storage unit.

I woke up at 8am and took the kids for breakfast. I wish I could relax so I would be more patient with the kids. It took almost a week to decompress from my three day drive to OK, and having arrived only yesterday to OH it is obvious to myself that I am still stressed out from it. But having Tyler here makes such a difference. He is currently swimming with the older four in the hotel pool and that is super nice.

Upon loading up on the van, we realized that someone broke into our van during the night. They stole our portable dual screen tvs (which contained Keith's new LOTS AND LOTS OF JETS AND PLANES Volume 2 DVD), our tomtom charger cord, our fm transmitter/iPhone charger, and my Time Out For Women bag. Crummy. We told the manager at the hotel and he said another car was broken into as well. Ugh.

We looked at three houses today. Upon entering the first two, I knew in about five seconds that there was no way I was living there. The third one was beautiful and had about everything I was looking for in a house. I loved it. The only problem was its location. It is in Dayton and near a poorer area that didn't make me feel safe. Plus it was far from any grocery stores and a bit of a drive to Tyler's work. So...despite loving it, we are looking elsewhere. I looked and found four more houses that we will look at on Monday morning. I am feeling highly stressed about it, as school starts on Wednesday and I don't know what district to enroll them in.

Tonight we ate at an old favorite Mexican restaurant. A fun time was had by all:

Silas, Tyler, Calvin, and Keith

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Annie said...

It's so hard to get settled. But at least you're there and you're all together again. Good luck finding a home!

Marnie and Jeremy said...

Try not to stress about school. They are young and a missing a few days won't put them behind.

Sylvia said...

Don't give up on Tipp City! :) (I know, I'm selfish!) I do hope you are able to find a place soon- living in a hotel is the pits! I'm glad you are all together again - what a huge blessing! Yay for Jill in Ohio!! :)

Rebecca said...

I'm so sorry your van was broken into! That's so sad that you lost all those things. I don't know how we'd travel without our dvd players, so I'm glad you are at your destination.... well, mostly.

Moving is so stressful on everyone. It sounds like you are doing a good job making it fun for the kids. I hope you find the perfect house soon!