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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Swimming with the Rieben Family

In the past week we have looked at houses, chosen one, put in an offer that was countered which we accepted, had the house inspected, submitted the items we want repaired to the owner, enrolled the kids into school, and reestablished some friendships from when we lived in OH three years ago. We wrote into our contract that we wanted to be able to move into the home early and that was acceptable to the owner as it is empty. I love the house. It is big and has plenty of space. I will post pictures when the contract is signed. The kids will go to a year old elementary school that is literally six houses down the road. What a blessing!

Despite all the blessings we have received, this has been a trying time for the Pierce family. I have battled dehydration from the climate change of FL to OH. It is difficult to maintain sanity while sharing one hotel room with seven people. And we are still going through the transition of adding the new boys (it's only been five months that they have been home) plus the big transition of moving across the country. Iryna has been regressing in her behaviors as a result of stress from it all. And I haven't had a home since I left FL 25 days ago. I am tired, stressed, impatient, irritable, dehydrated, and I am certain that I have gained weight. I am ready to move in, unpack, decorate, and begin eating healthy again. I am moving near a YMCA and plan to join as soon as I can unpack my workout shoes.

We went to church last Sunday and it was wonderful to see many friends. I wonder what our new callings will be?? We had dinner with the Neel's (who are moving away! *sniff*) and have spent three days with the Rieben family. They have ten children, 7 adopted from Bulgaria, Ukraine, & Uzbekistan, and their son, Evan, was crib mates with our son, Keith. I have enjoyed a strong friendship with Valerie and it was great to reconnect with their family and meet the five new kids that have joined them in the past three years. They have a sweet set up with a big house and pool. We went over today to see them and swim.

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Jenna said...

My name is Jenna and I came across your site. Your kids are brave, courageous, strong and determined, fighter's and warriors. They are all hero, special miracles and precious gifts.
I was born with a rare life threatening disease. I have 14 other medical conditions and developmentaldelays.