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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I have been missing in action from the blog world. We have moved into our house and I have been frantically trying to unpack everything and decorate. I have no problems falling asleep at night! Tyler is gone for about 12 hours every day and I am trying to wrap my head around that as I become accustomed to this new area, house, school schedule, and having a two year old wanting all of my attention during the day. The house is beautiful. We love living here and hope to be able to stay here for more than our currently scheduled 18 months at WPAFB.

I have attended two AFIT Spouses activities and have already made some good friends there, plus the ladies at church (new friends and old ones from three years ago), my neighbor across the street, and my BFF only four hours away in MI. I have started back up the GNO in the ward and I have a Choffy Party scheduled for this month. I have been social, let me tell you! It has been so nice.

Tyler is attending AFIT (Air Force Institute of Technology) and getting his second master's degree in Operation's Research. He is in his element as a student and loving it.

I am running here to there trying to keep up with everything on my plate. I am taking time each day to make sure I have some quiet time to pray and read my scriptures.

Anna is enjoying 5th grade. She has made two friends in her class. She has to do daily reading for her class and she counts her New Testament reading towards it. Anna has her own room which has been an adjustment. She likes it and misses sharing.

Keith is adapting well to his new class at school. He is still an airplane kid and will talk with anyone who'll listen about propellers and engines. He is still in the nursery at church and I feel it is a good fit for him.

Iryna is still in stress mode from the move. She also has her own room and that has been both good and bad. Last night she was throwing clothes down the laundry chute which is located in her room. She also locked her door and was up late playing. She seems to enjoy having her own room. It's an ongoing joke that Iryna needs a white padded room that is empty.

Calvin is loving school. He gets to go everyday because he is in the extended kindergarten program. Each afternoon, he tells me in great detail about what he did that day, the snack he ate, which siblings he saw on the playground, etc. I love seeing his excitement!

Silas is enjoying his time at home, although he prefers to go to the park and the store with Mama. He also wants to go to school with his older siblings. He has become more affectionate with me and is increasing his vocabulary.

I hope to get things in order soon!

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