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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Settling in

We have about five boxes left to unpack and then we are completely unpacked in our fabulous new house! I am taking pictures and will post them very soon. It is so nice to have space to stretch out. We are getting into the rhythm of back to school (for everyone but Silas and me) and I am having to adjust our evening routine to whenever Tyler gets back from classes. He is attending AFIT and loving it. He would be just fine getting this masters and then following it up with a PHD. I am up for whatever keeps us here in this house for the longest amount of time. I don't want to move anytime soon.

My BFF, Sarah, came up this past weekend. It is always fun to see her and she is such a big help to me. Not many people would come over and help a girl unpack her house and be HAPPY about doing so. I really lucked out with her friendship, no doubt in my mind.

Iryna has been pulling some real stunts at home. Destructive behaviors are alive and well with Iryna. On Sunday the kids were playing in the basement, which is finished and super nice. The basement consists of a bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, and the rest is a HUGE playroom for the kids. Apparently, Iryna went into the laundry room and found some pool chemicals (we still don't know what all is in that room, still unpacking and sorting not to mention all the stuff that was left here) and decided it would be fun to spray them all over the brand new carpet and on Silas. When Tyler happened upon it...well, let's just say he was fuming. Iryna went to bed and Tyler went to work on cleaning it all up as I bathed Silas. That is just one example. I could go on, but I won't. I don't know why I expect for Iryna to wake up one day and make rational decisions. FAS is not rational.

Tonight is the first GNO that I've organized since being back in OH. I am excited about meeting new girls from church. On Monday I am hosting a Choffy tasting at my house. I am excited to have people over to my new house and share my favorite drink. I love to see the expression on their faces when they first try Choffy. It's so delicious and super good for you. Chocolate is a super food, after all! In fact, I have some choffy samples with disposable french presses to give out. If you're interested, leave a comment or email me at jilldpierce at gmail dot com   ~   plus, there is a NEW Choffy in town:

IC Dark is the new dark roast of our very popular Ivory Coast Choffy. IC Dark has a deep, refined cocoa flavor with subtle earthy notes and an incredibly satisfying aftertaste. To learn more or to place an order go to

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