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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Treat yourself

It seems to me that the idea of a treat has become more of an everyday occurrence. In stories from the past, I would read about the excitement a little boy had when his mother would wrap him up a small piece of cake in his lunch. Holidays like Christmas and Easter would present a dessert that wasn't eaten during the rest of the year. Now I see the temptation to put cookies in school lunches everyday. My kids will ask me for dessert everyday after dinner. So they could potentially have cereal for breakfast (sugar), cookies in their lunch box (sugar), and dessert after dinner (sugar). Hmmm, there is something wrong here, yes? And yet, it seems like a daily battle to me - as the one in charge of their food - to keep them away from sugar. When I go to the doctor's office or bank or post office, they hand my children suckers. And let me tell you what was brought to the school Halloween party for my daughter, Anna: Cheetos, cookies, and more cookies. That was IT! No veggies or fruits or protein - just junk. Like most parents, I imagine that we are trying to raise our kids healthier than we are or have been, and I recognize that it probably sounds silly for a 400lb woman to be so concerned about sugar when her children are thin - but I know what it's like to grow up overweight. It is an awful hell that I wouldn't wish upon anyone. I just feel like the world is out to get my children fat and I feel helpless sometimes in keeping them healthy. Vent over (for now).


Saquel25 said...

We have a rule that when they are in school they are only allowed a non sugared cereal for breakfast and during breaks they can have something more exciting. We also don't do dessert. (except birthdays and holidays) My children are also very skinny but the sugar does damage regardless and it does take a concerted effort to keep their diet clean. I once heard food advertising called "food porn". It is so difficult to resist. In fact I just told Gary that Lindt Chocolate advertising in the evenings is just plain cruel.

Anonymous said...

Healthy eating starts at home. I feel your frustrations especially with the schools.
We give our kids a snack every night, but there are a MILLION choices without it being cookies. It takes work and diligence to have healthy food available. More importantly, they are watching their parents eating habits, too!

Joseph and Kamber said...

We love homemade cookies, but only have them about once a week. Oh and we always have an FHE treat. If you're looking for a healthy option for treats. Try popcorn. Not microwave, but air popped. I like to spay butter flavored Pam on it just enough so a little salt will stick. It's very tasty, goes a long way and easy to make. As long as they are eating healthy meals, staying active I wouldn't sweat it or beat yourself up about it. You are amazing and I truly admire you.