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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Calvin's heart surgery

Calvin went in for heart surgery yesterday morning. The procedure took about eight hours.

Pre-op photos. Isn't he adorable?

I got a room at the Ronald McDonald House last night. So grateful!

My room at the RMH.

My first time seeing Calvin post surgery. Poor baby. :(

All the meds ready to go.

This morning.

Calvin has been pretty teary eyed. When I ask him if he hurts, he says no. When I ask him why he is crying, he says he doesn't know. :(

Feeling a little better. He had his breathing tube removed and the two arterial lines and his catheter.

Calvin started crying and I asked him what was wrong. He said, "My heart hurts." How sad is that?

I got to hold Calvin for one minute tonight. It was pure heaven! He was able to get some fluid out of his chest tubes by sitting up, so that was good. If only it didn't hurt him so much. I hope to hold him longer tomorrow.

He asked to do a puzzle but be and tired quickly. He is doing so well, a little trooper. I am an emotional wreck, but feel so grateful to be his mama and to be with him during the surgery. It makes me sad to think that with his first two heart surgeries he was all alone in the recovery room in Moscow. God has blessed us both through adoption.


CrossRiver Media said...

Praying for Calvin...and for you! ((hugs)) - Tami

kdfamily said...

Oh my. Tears....

kdfamily said...

Tears for so many reasons. On another note, really feel the need to adopt. Hope we can one day. Lots of love sweet mama!!!

Liisa said...

Glad he came through it well. Hoping for a quick and happy recovery process. Prayers are coming your way across the US.