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Friday, January 11, 2013

Out of CICU

A goal for Calvin is to get him moving around and walking. It is difficult for him and he usually begins to tremble, which is hard to see.

Happy with "Cow"

Look at all the cords and chest tubes.

He walked to the chair - progress!

The comfort special: water, macaroni and cheese, chicken strips, and banana pudding.

We moved out of the CICU yesterday and Calvin is now on the regular heart surgery recovery floor.

This morning, Calvin walked all the way to the play room. He got to make some crafts and paint. He didn't want to leave.

Calvin is making good progress. He is starting to smile more and even laugh, although it hurts his chest when he laughs. Poor guy.

Yesterday, he said a prayer over lunch. Part of it was: "Please help Calvin be brave." How sweet is that?

He finally had a bowel movement last night (last one was Sunday) and since then he has been eating better.

Tyler and the kids may come down to visit tomorrow. It has been a real struggle for Tyler and I wish I could help him somehow. Being a full time student while taking care of the four other kids is hard work! Thank you for all of your prayers during this time.

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