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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

An Easter Miracle

Sunday morning, I still had a hoarse voice. The pressure was mounting as I prepared to go to church and sing in Sacrament meeting. I reflected on a story my mom told me about a time she was paid to sing at a non-church function. She had lost her voice and asked my dad to give her a priesthood blessing. Once the music began, she had her full voice and was able to sing for the whole program. After it ended, her voice was gone. It was a miracle. I thought I would have a similar miracle Sunday morning. Tyler gave me a priesthood blessing which stated that God intended for me to sing in church.

As I began to sing VIA DOLOROSA, my voice didn't return. It was better and there were moments when I could feel the voice freeing up - but no full voice. However - I felt the Holy Spirit and I even had tears flowing as I sang, something that NEVER happens because everyone knows you shouldn't cry when singing (right, mom?). But despite tears flowing, it didn't affect my singing. And one thing that I found odd was that Tyler said my voice sounded very good. Whaaaat? I knew it wasn't my regular singing voice....but did other people notice that, too, or just me? I don't know, but it was a spiritually uplifting song and I felt the words strongly. Here is a link to listen to and download the song.

We had Jeff & Alison over for Easter dinner. We ate ham, holiday mashed potatoes, rolls, green bean casserole, corn, fruit salad, carrot cake, sugar cookies, & Choffy. It was a lovely evening.

Alison and me

Leftovers the next day. Yum.

I hope you had a lovely Easter. He IS Risen. Enjoy this video.


Courtney said...

I don't know what time you were singing, but I was prompted to pray for your voice while I was sitting in Easter service Sunday morning! :)

Motivated Mama said...

You sounded beautiful and I definitely felt the Spirit!

Mommo said...

Jill, Your singing was beautiful and the song was moving. I could see you wiping tears from you face and I love that when somebody sings. I think it touches me even more. Thank you for your talent and being willing to touch others with it.