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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Break and Beyond

My BFF, Sarah, and her adorable two kids came to spend spring break with our family. We had a blast!

Keith and Avonlea - my good friend, Alison's sweet baby girl.

Sarah requested chicken tetrazzini and Italian cheese bread.

We had a fun lunch at Cheesecake Factory - my favorite restaurant!

Chicken Di Pana. So good.

I had the banana cream and Sarah had a caramel, PB, & butterfinger.

I loved watching General Conference ( And it surprised me that Keith watched every talk. I think he felt the Holy Ghost and wanted to hear more.

Mint Texas sheet cake.

These new glasses are a bit off...

Anna and Rachel became best buds and didn't want to be separated when it was time for Rachel to leave.

We (finally) put up all the vinyl names that my friend, Keri, sent me a year ago. Love them! Thanks, Keri!

New swimsuits for the girls. They are ready for summer!

Choffy to the rescue! Silas quit napping and it has been tough for me.

Anna is in karate and doing a great job!

I am beginning to think that Silas may have some FAS/FAE/FASD. He is very impulsive and will not follow instructions despite being asked repeatedly. I am wanting to have him evaluated, but not sure where to go. Iryna came to us with a known FAS diagnosis. This is new territory. Suggestions?

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