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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earth Day

I have been MIA but rest assured, all is well in Zion. Yea, Zion prospereth. ;)

Iryna playing in the playroom.

Silas, after eating some chocolate cake. Oh my!

Anna made me this very healthy began dinner. Dandelion, anyone?

My friend recommended this book to me. It is about a Russian adoption. Anyone else read it?

We've been trying to phase Silas out of naps, since if he does nap he won't go to bed at bedtime (for a few hours!). But when I don't put him down for a nap, this is what happens! Not sure what to do...

I recently got rid of most of the blonde in my hair. I have determined that I really like having dark hair. I have a little red in it, but it's mostly dark and it suits me. I am no longer confused when I see my reflection. ;)

Pucker up!

We went to an FSA (families supporting adoption) meeting in Columbus. It was very interesting to hear more about domestic adoption. I am not sure if that is something Tyler and I will do in the future, but I feel more educated about it. Silas was tired on the drive home.

Yesterday was EARTH DAY, so we had a lesson in FHE about the importance of the earth and then we went about beautifying our back yard by weeding the flower gardens. The children were mostly in a good mood about it. :)

I can't help but chuckle at Calvin's pose in this picture. That kid is something else! And Calvin's kindergarten teacher has advised us to keep Calvin in kindergarten next year. She says a better foundation in reading and writing will help him. I think it will be beneficial and if you are going to repeat a grade, I think it should be done in kindergarten. Just my thoughts. 

We are hoping to get our pool up and running soon! If only the weather would decide to stay warm. Today we started out at 38 degrees and will get up to 70 this afternoon. It makes things tricky when trying to decide how the kids should dress for school!

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Rebecca said...

I'm in the same place with naps. If my 3 year old takes one, she's still running around at 10pm. And if not... then she will go put herself down for a nap an the most inopportune times. I hate this phase. She's so grumpy and has been doing a lot of crying and whining lately. I can't wait to get her bedtime schedule regulated so she can be cheerful with no nap.