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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

GNO at Shen's

We went to a lovely Chinese/Japanese restaurant called Shen's. The atmosphere was lovely, the food was delicious, and the company was delightful. I love having these GNO's once a month, where I can relax and have some girl time. I am grateful for Tyler for watching the kids and letting me get out for an evening.

I have been dieting for a week now and have lost 4 pounds. I am excited to see some success. I am drinking glucerna for two meals, eating one regular meal and having 1-2 snacks. Tyler is very supportive and it's nice to know that I only have to worry about one meal a day to eat. I don't anticipate this being a lifelong diet, but it's working for now.

Iryna donated her hair to LOCK OF LOVE and got a cute new haircut!

Silas is trying to stretch with Daddy after a run.

Calvin's penmanship. The paper on the left is his first time writing his name and on the right is current. He has made such huge progress!

I asked Calvin to write the ABC's and some numbers. After some consideration, we're not sure if he should repeat kindergarten. He has made huge progress and Tyler thinks he would get bored repeating the same things for a whole year. Anyone have a suggestion about it?


CrossRiver Media said...

Congrats on the diet success! That's awesome! :) I've been working on it as well and am getting there slowly. ;)

As far as repeating kindergarten, I have to say, we had Maddie repeat kindergarten and it was the BEST thing for her. I don't regreat it AT ALL. She wasn't bored the second year, in fact, I think it helped her gain some confidence in her natural abilities. She had a great first year and learned a ton. The second year was more of a reinforcement year. It gave her confidence...and helped her get those skills solidly in place before moving on. The best part, for her, was that she was able to take some leadership roles in helping the younger kids learn the ropes of kindergarten. The second year (which was the third year she was home) also helped Maddie learn more language so that what she was reading made more sense. She is now a straight A student. She has some gaps and as she enters third grade next fall, I'm prepared that things are going to get harder and we may see some of those gaps reemerge, but I know without a doubt, that the second year of Kindergarten helped give her a solid educational foundation that is still serving her.
In the end, you and Tyler know Calvin best. I would just encourage you to not be afraid to let him take that extra year to get more knowledge under his belt before heading off to first grade, if that is what he needs. - Tami

Anonymous said...

Do you have a smart phone? I have been using the free MyFitnessPal app.

I also use a pedometer that keeps track of calories as well as distance and steps.

I have tried dieting for years, and at least since Jan, it has been working for me. Very slow but working.
Hang in there Jill- you have so many people that love and need you -be healthy for them


Anna Torres said...

Hi Jill. I've read your blog for years and love it. I agree with CrossRiver. We have held all three of our kids with summer birthdays back (including two boys) and it has been the best decision. We struggled the first time, and I discussed it with everyone I could think of. I finally realized that I had talked to lot of parents who regretted not holding their children back, but none who regretted having them repeat. I also now have high school children, and have seen the way by which younger boys are treated in middle school. It's awful. Boys who are not physically developed or who are less mature than their peers are really picked on by middle school girls. Anyway, everyone has a story, but it's been a great decision for us, all three times. I actually have a kindergartener now who is doing his second year, and I'm constantly amazed at how he "gets" concepts that were really difficult last year. Good luck!

Anna Torres said...

P.S. We're also in S.A.--are you still moving here? I'm happy to give you info about schools if you are.

Stefanie and Bill said...

I have 5 sons and three of the 5 have repeated K. If the other two could have, they would have as well. He will not be bored...promise. Perhaps in 1st or 2nd if he is cognitively strong, but as the academics progress he will not be bored. Socially and maturity wise it has paid dividends for our sons as well. They are also much more confident as well. Good Luck

Ticklemedana said...

Jilly! I have been wanting to chat with you about something. My good friend Danny is a health coach and I think you would really benefit from talking to him. Let me know if you're interested. He lives in Arizona but he has clients all over the US...