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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Feeling Funky

I have every reason in the world to be happy. But instead, I am feeling funky. My patience is gone. My tone is not nice. I am disagreeable, frustrated, depressed. I am feeling all the chaos of having four adopted special needs kids. I am not pleasant to be around right now and I hate being this way. Ugh.


Hi, I'm Alysha -But you can call me Lysh said...

Hugs Jill.. :( I totally empathize. Been in that funk for a few days now and could've written this post word for word..literally. . Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Oh Jill I'm so sorry. Summer is hard. Kids are hard. Special needs kids are harder. I had a rough month last month and it turned out my thyroid meds were off. All better this month! So my advice is get a break and check your tsh:). Tina

S Tudor said...

I'm sorry. I wonder if it's also the heat, the summer and not getting any you time? I have been feeling similar lately. I have two boys and if I'm not at work I'm with them. I do all of the housework, cooking and running the kids around myself. My husband is gone this weekend fishing but when he's home I'm short with him, short with the kids and would honestly rather just be alone in the peace and quiet most nights. We need to remember to take time out for ourselves, ask for help and know when we need a break. I hope you get some time to de-stress and pull out of the funk. If you need to talk we are here to listen and encourage! Hugs!!