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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Juice Cleanse Day #1

Today I started my first day on the 10 day juice fast.
It started off with a miscommunication about some Choffy that was in the
fridge. Tyler and I were going to split the large glass of Choffy as our wake
up drink, but he misunderstood and drank the whole thing, so I didn’t get a
drink before 10am. Tyler made me a carrot, apple, lemon juice. It tasted pretty
good, albeit a bit tangy from the lemon. I had
to take it slow drinking the first drink - my body was NOT used to it and I
could tell that if I drank it too fast that I would throw up. Slow and steady.
I am surprised how full I still am from the juice 1 ½ hours later. I still have
4 more drinks to go today, plus some Choffy and water. Excited to see how
things go! Here is my plan for today:

Wake up: Choffy
Breakfast: orange 
Mid-morning: coconut water
Lunch: green juice
Afternoon snack: red juice
Dinner: green juice
Dessert: purple juice
Bedtime: Choffy
Throughout the day – drink PLENTY of water 

Orange: Not my favorite…perhaps it would be better
with less lemon? *

4 carrots
2 apples
1 lemon

Green Garden: Really liked this one. *****
1 apples
1 cucumbers
3-4 kale leaves
½ handful parsley
Un-Beet-able Red: It was okay. ***
1 apple
1 beet
3 carrots
Small ginger root
3 cups leafy greens
Green Lemonade: BITTER!!! I would reduce the lemon
and replace a red apple instead of the green one. *

6-8 kale leaves
3 handfuls of spinach
1 green apple
1 cucumber
2 celery stalks
1 lemon

Purple: I didn’t have the mint, but the grapes and
blueberries made for a tasty drink!

30 grapes
1 basket of blueberries
1 handful mint

I felt
full almost the whole day. My stomach was upset from about 2pm on. I had a bowl
with me in case I vomited.

It was hard to drink a ton of water when I felt both
full and nauseated. Hopefully it will improve in time. I know myself and my
body doesn’t do well with new things. Tyler, on the other hand, did great and
felt fabulous until the late evening when he said he stomach began to be upset.
I drank some Choffy black with just stevia. Not my favorite…but I am trying and
that is what counts. My urine went completely clear as the day went on and my
bowels completely cleaned out. My mind feels clear but my body is sluggish. My
sense of smell seems to be off the charts – I smelled dirt when sitting next to
an open window. Bizarre. Ready for tomorrow!


Gypsie said...

I was thinking you'd be pooping a lot!

Anonymous said...

Good for you:) Any kind of cleanse is hard to do.

S Tudor said...

Pretty lady! I'm excited for you. I'm curious as to how today went.