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Saturday, November 02, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween arrived and it was quite the day! I had all sorts of things planned to do - if only the weather had accommodated it! It rained. All. Day. I packaged up some returns and a Choffy sample and after hitting the post office, I went to Silas' preschool Halloween party. Silas is an adorable Nemo! He had comments from people all day long. They had treats and loved the treats I sent in (see previous post) and then the kids sang songs. Half of Silas' class is special needs and the other half is typical. His teacher called Silas' name several times during the songs. He wasn't doing the actions, etc, but he wasn't being disruptive. I have a feeling that Silas' behavior annoys the teacher - of course, it annoys me, too - but it still made me sad. We have a parent teacher conference next week. I am bracing myself to hear what is causing his daily sent-home notes of "Silas wasn't listening today, he was sent to the thinking chair". Ugh.

Me and my little Nemo!

Silas and I ran some errands after his party, including some shoe shopping for Mama! Aren't these cute? I also took some treats to my friend, Amie, and then we went and filled up Tyler's truck with halloween balloons, treats, and a fun note that ended: "With undying love, Jill". So fun!

I took this cutie to "chick-a-lay" for lunch. 

The kids all had a great time during their school Halloween parties. They came home with all sorts of treats and fun to share. We ordered some pizza for dinner and I brewed up some Choffy to share. 

During trick-or-treating time, I passed out cups of Choffy to several parents walking around with their kids. It was a great way to warm up the parents and share Choffy with new people. Most had never heard of it!

Aren't these cute???

It was drizzling during our two hour window for trick-or-treating here in Ohio. I took the kids to about 8 houses before heading home. The kids got enough candy and I could spend an hour passing out candy - which I LOVE to do!

Happy Halloween!

A friend of mine asked me what my Halloween traditions are, so I wrote this up. I might as well post it here for posterity: Halloween: The Monday before Halloween, we have a Pierce Family Home Evening Halloween Party! We carve pumpkins, have a fall treat, play games -Don't eat Frank (
I have been making these to send in to the kids' classes for Halloween - they are super cute, cheap, and fun:
We attend the Trunk or Treat at the church and then go Trick-or-treating as a family. We also watch IT'S THE GREAT PUMPKIN, CHARLIE BROWN and GARFIELD HALLOWEEN SPECIAL. I don't own the Great Pumpkin, so I checked it out from the library. Simple and easy! I like to watch The Addam's Family with Tyler on Halloween after the kid go to bed. That movie is so funny! 
Candy idea: I let the kids eat as much candy as they want after trick-or-treating, then I put the candy away and save it for gingerbread houses in December. :)

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