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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

It's hard being human

It all started when Calvin got a virus, then an ear infection. And Silas got the virus. I remember tending to both my sick boys, and I was very aware of how nice and healthy I felt. Iryna and Keith began coughing. Fevers set in. And it was inevitable: I got sick. Part of being human means we get sick. And when we get sick, we have to cancel appointments. Why does that seem so sad? Being sick forces us to slow down and rest, and usually spend more time with loved ones. I think that getting sick isn't necessarily a bad thing, other than we don't feel well, physically. 

Today three of my kids went back to school for the first time this week. I have the twins home today and I was excited to get some alone time with just them. I realized that since we brought Calvin and Silas home, I haven't spent as much time as I'd like to with Keith & Iryna. I will admit that I like how cognitively normal Calvin and Silas (and Anna) are. One of the hardest struggles I have had is not being able to connect intellectually with Keith and Iryna. But, as I put together five puzzles with Iryna this morning...that didn't seem to matter. She wanted to spend time with me and I wanted to spend time with her. It was a simple activity, not difficult, but we were doing something together and that *should* be all that matters. There is an innocence among these children with younger minds than their bodies. As Iryna and I played with puzzles, Keith was there, too, in his own little world. I think that I might be jealous of how terrifically happy he is most of the time. I don't know that I have ever felt joy the way that Keith does...he needs very little to entertain himself. Of course, he has been entertaining himself since he was placed in a crib in Ukraine in 2004. Here is a video I took this morning. It's a combination of helicopters and Dora the Explorer. It gives you a good idea of what Keith does 90% of the day. 

For the past three days, Calvin has become QUITE the legoman!

Here is Silas playing with the lego wheel. I have asked him numerous times to NOT touch the small legos. You can see how well he listens...

It's the soggy bottom boy!

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