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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snow much fun!

So I really have been meaning to post. Really. But, December is a busy month! And we have been having such a great time. For FHE, we have made gingerbread houses and also made Christmas treat deliveries. We have had SNOW! We have watched several Christmas specials and movies. The kids went sledding with their daddy. We have had snow days - school cancelled! We have enjoyed the fires in the fireplace every day. I have been busy making warm and comforting soups and breads for my family. I absolutely love cooking and baking for my family. Here are some photos!

We had Dave and Kathy come join us making gingerbread houses. Their girls fit right in with our kids. We had a great time.

Silas wore himself out! This doesn't happen very often, folks!

The kids showing off the gingerbread houses.

My first vinyl project: a gift for my bestie, Sarah. Didn't it turn out nicely?

I have started taking Silas to the library story time. He loves it and so do I. They read books, do a puppet show, and have a simple craft.

Anna had her first band concert. She did really well! I was proud of her. She practices the bells 6 days a week for 15 minutes a day. She is making great progress.

Isn't she growing up too fast? I think so.

Silas came up with this getup on his own: a rash guard (for swimming), a Santa hat, jeans, and snow boots. You just can't make this stuff up!

Our neighbor, Christy, and her son came over to play games on a snow day. We are so blessed with awesome neighbors!

Look at all our snow!

I made this pineapple upside down cake for our church Christmas party. Unfortunately, it was cancelled due to bad weather! But we enjoyed the cake. Yum!

Every year we make a ton of treats and deliver them to neighbors and friends. This year I had the inspired thought to invite the missionaries over to make plates to deliver to people they are teaching. It was super fun having all 9, yes NINE, missionaries come by. We have four sets in our ward. Anna was a great helper in organizing all the treats for them. She definitely has the gift of leadership! That's my girl. :)

I decided to try making a Norwegian Christmas came this year. Wish me luck!

We had fun making ornaments at activity days this past week. Iryna loves to go.

Can't get enough of this snow!

Last night Tyler and I went to the Columbus Temple for a date. We had a great time.

We stopped off to try some fried cheese curds. So delicious!

Beginning December 1st, we begin one of my favorite traditions: we read the TALL BOOK OF CHRISTMAS every night after scriptures. Everyone loves reading these fun stories.

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