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Monday, March 24, 2014

Anna's FROZEN Party

Anna started attending Young Womens (a program for girls from 12-18 years in the LDS church) in January. I was not expecting her to have such a hard struggle in YW. She was so nervous that the first two weeks involved her in the bathroom crying her eyes out. Her sweet YW teacher, Ashley, called me and we hatched a plan: an activity in our home - a FROZEN party! This was in January so I had 2 months to prepare for it. I found some cute blue/silver Christmas decorations on clearance and did looked for fun recipes on Pinterest. The result was a super fun night!

All the girls. Tyler & I cannot believe that Anna is growing up so fast!

Cupcakes with blue "ice" made by my awesome friend, Stefanie, who just wanted to help so she could come watch the movie. :)

I made a punch with Blue Hawaiian Punch, Sprite, and Vanilla Ice Cream. It was quite tasty!

FROZEN Jell-O "Ice" Cubes. Recipe found here

Blue corn chips, Queso dip, Carrots (Olaf's noses), Ranch Dip, Lindt Truffles, and Peppermint York Candies.

The spread.

Anna and I cut these out and gave them along with small bags of blue/white candies. I was so impressed with Anna for her first time hosting a party. I guided her to greet each guest, to make sure everyone felt welcome, to pass out these cards and candies at the end. In fact, she got up and read this quote and then explained what it meant to her in her own words. I was so proud of her! Then she saw everyone to the door when they left. She commented on how much work it is to host a party - and she's right! - but she did so well. 

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