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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Spiritual Slushes

A week or so ago, Anna was having a rough day. She was super emotional and highly irritable. She was frustrated about her family members. She had a list of things that she didn't like about every single one of us. As I pondered what I should do, I had the thought to take Anna out for a slush at Sonic. I packed her up and off we went. As we sat in the Sonic Drive-In, we talked about the nature of her family. Obviously our family is not your typical family, and Anna feels this acutely. I talked with her about how Heavenly Father has guided her Daddy and I to adopt her younger siblings and that this is the family God wants for her to have here on earth. 

The conversation seemed to flow and as we talked, Anna's mood softened. She gave me a new list with something she liked about every member of our family - even Calvin, who she doesn't get along with at all. When I felt it was time, we set off for home and Anna was all smiles. The rest of the day, Anna was a different girl. She was kind. She played with her siblings, even Calvin! Tyler wanted to know what I said to Anna to make her act so differently. I don't know that I said anything that I haven't mentioned to Anna before, but I feel as though God blessed her to understand my words more deeply. I am so grateful for inspiration.


Sylvia said...

What a wonderful change! Perhaps it was that she had your attention, one on one, and you listened to her (not that you haven't before!!) and she felt that she was heard. Sometimes, having someone just listen to us and hear us out, even if it doesn't really change anything, helps us to gain strength to cope, to keep going, to have gratitude in our situation in spite of the circumstances... As I type, I'm feeling this is a good reminder for me right now. Thanks for sharing! I'm sure Anna enjoyed some alone time with her lovely Momma! :) Keep up the good work!

MoonDog said...

Maia, my youngest birth child, also struggles with having a lot of adopted special sibs. She has depression now. I find that special alone time really helps her feel better. just going to the store to pick up milk, the two of us without the others, is special for her. hope Anna sees she still has a special spot in your heart. She hasn't been replaced with her siblings.