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Friday, September 26, 2014

Live in the moment

Death is something we know is coming. And yet, I am surprised when I hear of someone passing away. It's almost as if I forget that we are mortal. Recently, another trauma mama's husband died unexpectedly. I have contemplated how she must be trudging on, day-by-day, with her special needs children and no spouse to comfort her or share the load.

My dad passed away when I was twenty years old. I saw my mom struggle as she went about supporting our family financially and in every other way, too. I look at my dear husband, Tyler, and wonder how long he will be on the earth with me.

Tyler recently learned that he will be deploying something in the next 3 years. We were hoping he would avoid a deployment, but his commander thinks it would help him make rank and would look good on his record. I won't lie in saying that the idea of him being gone for 6+ months worries me. It's not the idea of him being gone, although that will be tough, it's the idea that he won't be coming back. Good men deploy and good men give their lives in military service.

Above all, I believe that God will not take us before our time on this earth is over. I just hope that Tyler still has a lot left to do here and that we will have many more years ahead of us, together. However, in case it is God's will to bring Tyler back to Him, I am trying to focus on serving my dear husband every day as if it is his last.

It seems logical that we should do this: live in the moment and bless our all loved ones as often as we can. Make their favorite meal, read their favorite book, take that trip to the park, show extra love and care. Our time here is short. One day I hope to look back and say that I focused on the important things: my family.

Families are forever.


Carina said...

Great post and great reminder. You are so inspiring to me. Hugs to you and all the best. Know you and your family are in our prayers!

Greta said...

Look to your patriarchal blessings. Whenever I'm nervous about the future, Kurtis and I read our blessings out loud to each other. It brings me such peace to know we have promises made to us and we can assured that Heavenly Father is is watching over us. He has a plan (even is we don't know it). Hang in there!