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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Our lease is up

In the past 10 years that my husband has been in the Air Force, we have never had to relocate during our 2-3 years in one location. That is about to change. Our landlords informed us that they will not be renewing our lease and that we need to move out before the end of July. And so, move we must.

Yesterday we drove around several local neighborhoods, looking for rental signs in yards. Today I am going to look inside one of them. I feel comforted by the Holy Ghost that Heavenly Father will help me. I was reflecting upon the idea of working hard on earth for our heavenly mansions, and I was reminded again how aware Heavenly Father is of me. He knows my needs. He knows my limitations. Physically, I cannot really move much. I can pack items into boxes, but I cannot lift them. I can clean some things, but not everything. I have received offers from people wanting to help us and it humbles me to know that so many people care about our family. We are so blessed.


This is an image of a rough-and-tumble boy. Holes, no tongues, and soles hanging halfway off. Silas sure knows how to play.


This past weekend, Alan and Stefanie came to visit us with their kids. We had a jolly time and played loads of games, including quirkle, blokus, carcassonne, caylus, and rummikub. We are so grateful for good friends!

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Rebecca said...

We have had to relocate ourselves twice in our 10 years. I hate it. I hope you find a perfect new home and that the moving goes well.