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Sunday, July 24, 2016

The family that plays together

Playing chicken foot dominos with Grandma!

Florence loves my phone. 

Cousins having fun at the splash pad. 

MORE chicken foot. 

Trying out a new water bottle. 

Rachel and I took Calvin and Aurora to POPS to get some soda. 

I have given up my Dr Pepper, so I am trying out various flavors of cherry soda. 

We went to see Finding Dory. 

These are small metals bowls with spoons that I grew up using at my grandma's house. 

Me and my beautiful niece, Iliana. 

Iliana and Calvin

Florence somehow got a hold of my phone. There were 17 more photos just like this one on my phone...

We met Opa at Chick-Fil-A. Uncle Jacob, JJ, Aunt Ashley, and Carter also came. 

My brother and his wife are moving and are unable to take their pup with them, so say hello to the newest member of our family: Barkley! He is a puggle and so snuggly and great with our kids. 

Oatmeal for dinner? Why not. 

Barkley, Calvin, and Oliver. 

Sleeping Beauty. 

Coulter and his lovely bride, Jenna. 

Cousins eating together. 

Uncle Yury sampling some cowboy salsa. 

Visiting the cemetery where Grandpa Bob is buried. 

Florence has been my good buddy the last two weeks. She loves essential oils and asks for them multiple times a day. 

We are now going to visit Tyler's family! I am missing mine already. 😢

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Courtney said...

How was Finding Dory? I'm interested in your opinion as an adoptive mom and one of kids with special needs. :) Still not sure if mine can see it yet.