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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Autism diagnosis for Keith

Calvin and Barkley have become very close. #aboyandhisdog

Keith was diagnosed with autism and also is lactose intolerant! It's been a busy month for my bugaboo. #theboywholived

Keith tried some dairy free dessert at sweet frog. He is a fan! Look at my happy boy!

Tyler and I were able to attend the temple this week. #ilovetoseethetemple

Maggie and Barkley are standing guard to save us, by barking at the leaves falling. 

Our fearless protectors!

I love how easily Barkley has assimilated into the family. #pugglelove

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Natalie said...

If Keith is on the autism spectrum and having problems with dairy, he's probably gluten intolerant too. You might want to explore biomedical options.