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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Charlotte's Web

It's been seven weeks since I fell down and injured my knee. I am ready for things to go back to normal, but that doesn't seem to be happening. What's normal, anyhow? Yesterday I started coming down with a UTI. I have been drinking loads of cranberry juice, so I hope it will go away, but with my knee still being stiff and my frequent trips to the restroom, I stayed home from church today. It's such a shame, as I loathe missing church, but I am grateful that I have this quiet time to reflect on the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I have physical therapy this coming week. I have been waiting so long for this appointment! I hope they will be able to help me with my knee. 

Barkley knows that Tyler is the alpha in our family. He is the only person that Barkley will snuggle up to like this. It is so sweet. :)

I am so thankful for a dedicated husband who leads our family in righteousness. The boys love to see the pictures when Daddy reads scripture stories. 

This little pumpkin got a haircut today! He was so excited about it, that he asked for a picture to be taken. He is growing up! He will be 7 years old soon. #timefliesby

Every Friday evening, we watch a movie together as a family. This weekend, Tyler chose Charlotte's Web. It was a newer version from what I grew up with...and it was done very well. I became emotional a few times throughout the movie - as expected. After the movie, I noticed that Calvin was crying. He said that Charlotte's Web is the saddest movie that he has ever seen. I called him over to me and held him as he continued to sob for 5 more minutes, or so. It was so sad, but such a sweet moment for both of us. Since then, Calvin has mentioned Charlotte's Web frequently. I think it really had an effect on him. Perhaps I will buy him the book for Christmas!

The first morning after Tyler and I were married, he made me an omelet filled with onions, peppers, cheese, and tomatoes. I looked at the plate and said, "Oh...where's mine?" Tyler sweetly said, "This IS yours." I replied with "I just like eggs with cheese." That was the last time that Tyler made omelets for me until this morning. I am happy to say that my tastes have evolved to ham, green onions, peas, AND cheese. I married an angel! #omelets #eternalmarriage

Our green pepper plant has recently decided that it does want to produce green peppers, after all. So, here's our first pepper!

A week ago, one morning Iryna was having a particularly difficult time. She was complaining and whining and yelling and throwing things, etc. I wasn't as patient as I could have been, but the time passed and she got on the bus and went to school. When she came home, she walked right up to me and apologized for the way that she had behaved this morning. I was blown away by this! We both apologized for our behaviors and asked each other for forgiveness. It was so sweet! I am impressed with the progress that Iryna has made throughout the years. She is growing up! Iryna had an MRI this past week to look at her kidneys. She has some issues with urination and the urologist I spoke with said that some people with FASD will have horseshoe-shaped kidneys. I'm not sure what can be done about that, but I am eager to hear the results from it. And speaking of Iryna, here's a fun video of her dancing. This girls brings so much joy in our family:

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En Gioia said...

Oh, I love it! There is a song that makes me think of Iryna every time I hear it, I think it's called, "She's looking at you". It was one of the songs we danced to during the last week of school, when the 5th graders took their walk around the whole inside of the school, high-fiving all the other kids lined up in the halls. She broke out some pretty cute dance moves and we had so much fun dancing with the other teachers and students. :-) I love that girl of yours and pray for her (and you and your family) always.
Nicole Gioia