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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Happy Halloween


We were driving to the church and Le Freak by Chic was on the radio.

Calvin: What is this song?
Anna: You don't want to listen to this song.
Calvin: Why not?
Anna: It's OLD people music.
Calvin: But mama likes it!

My sweet friend, Deny, and I at the church Trunk of Treat. This lovely lady always has a smile on her face and does so much for her family and friends. She's a delight!

I found a new GF pizza crust recipe on Pinterest and it was a WINNER! Keith and Iryna made some dairy free pizzas for themselves and were a bit upset that we didn't make it for dinner the next night, also.

Calvin is modeling his pizza with smoked sausage on top! #lovessausage #Russianslovesausage

It was fabulous!

It was time for a haircut. I just wish she hadn't of cut off so much. I seem to always struggle with haircuts being right. Perhaps I am too picky? I don't know. Anyhow, it will grow longer...eventually. #slowhairgrowth

I love seeing these two working together for a common goal. They are currently making lunches for tomorrow. They make a great team! 

#teachingindependence #partofgrowingup #twins #ukraine #internationaladoption #proudmama

#breakfastofchampions #Halloweentradition

Happy Halloween from the Pierce Family!

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Courtney said...

I think that haircut looks great on you! I love the way it frames your face.