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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Greece to Bulgaria

This morning we packed up after breakfast and headed to Bulgaria. We stopped to pick up some Greek cream pies on our way out of town. They are seriously SO good. 


We were in a hurry to leave Greece due to the farmers going on strike against some government tax hikes. They have been blocking roads so people cannot travel and in the past they have blocked the border to Bulgaria. We wanted to be certain to get back to Bulgaria so we can make our flight back home. And after seeing many tractors out on the roads, we were so thankful to cross the border into Bulgaria this evening. 

But before we crossed over, we wanted to get one more gyro - since they were so delicious. We tried to get off on a couple of exits, but were thwarted in our efforts. We finally got off the exit by Thessaloniki. We drove around looking for gyros. I silently prayed that we would find some gyros, so we could get back on the road and get ahead of the tractors. 

Tyler and I drove around a couple of streets and then we both felt good about driving ahead to a different street. Wouldn't you know it, we found this gyro shop. And to make things even more amazing - this is the gyro shop that delivered our first gyros when we stayed at the Prestige Hotel! Of all the gyros we have tried, theirs was the absolute BEST! I am thankful for a Father in Heaven who not only helped us find lunch (and dinner!) but to guide us to our favorite shop when we had no idea where it was. #answeredprayers




Blue fanta? Can anyone tell me the flavor? #lostintranslation


We are now safe and sound in Sofia and should head home in a day or two to the states. 

A real shower!



First item of business: ordering a мляко е какао!

I am excited to relax and rest up before our flight home. I am missing my babies in the US and my babies in Bulgaria. 

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