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Friday, October 20, 2017

A post about Michael

10 months ago, we met our oldest son in Bulgaria. On the first day that we spent with him, it was clear from his body language that he wasn't certain about us at all. I have later learned that he was irritated to spend a day with us, as he had already made plans elsewhere. He was wanting to wear a red sweatsuit and spend the day with a girl. I am thankful that he relented to spend some time with us.

It has been almost 4 months to the day since we picked up our son, Michael, from the orphanage in Dobrich, Bulgaria. I remember everything about walking into his orphanage, eager to see his face again. I had a bag full of clothing for him to wear and it seemed like it took him forever to come down to the director's office to greet us. I later learned that he was cleaning his room and sweeping the floor. I would soon see how hard he works in our household chores.

The next day, we went to pick up John from his orphanage. I had several fidget spinners to pass out to the children and Michael was only too happy to participate. From the beginning, he showed his desire to serve others - especially his new family.

Fast forward to today: I cannot imagine life with my oldest son. Michael is a hard-working, dedicated, spiritual, service-oriented, compassionate, intelligent, affectionate, clever boy. He is my shadow - following me from room-to-room when he is at home. In fact, being home is his favorite place to be. When he gets off the school bus, he races home because he loves being here. During dinner we will each share our high and low from the day. Michael's high is often "being home."

Last weekend, I posted this on Facebook:

Tonight is a scout campout. Michael is such a mama’s boy. He just sent me a text on Tyler’s phone (Tyler, John, and Keith are also on the campout) and Michael said he misses me and he is sad that I am not there to tell him goodnight. I always kiss my boys goodnight and tell them that I love them. After fourteen years of not having that, I think he is missing it tonight. #lovebeingamama 

Two nights ago, I was sitting with Michael and I was running my hand through his hair for about ten minutes. Realizing that he might not want it, I asked him if he liked what I was doing. He emphatically reassured me that he loved it and wanted me to continue. Again, after so many years without physical affection, he loves to receive it from me - and I am only too happy to provide that for him. 

Micheal likes to talk. We have daily conversations and he will often say, "Mama, I want to talk with you later today." He has an understanding heart and enjoys talking about all sorts of topics. He greatly enjoys learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We talk about Bulgaria, our family, his future, anything. 

Michael is such a big kid, but he has a tender heart. He has been my easiest and quickest attachment from our Bulgarian adoption, which is so interesting considering how wary he was of us when we first met him. I am thankful that God pricked my heart when I saw his picture so many months ago. He is attentive to me and has learned my daily habits. Adoption can be such a beautiful thing and it has certainly been so with Michael. Not only is he easy to love, but our personalities mesh together beautifully. I am so thrilled to call him my son. Thanks be to my Father in Heaven for sending him to me. 

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